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Google Alerts – Managing your Identity, Favorites, and Your Competition June 23, 2008

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Ok… Maybe I’m a Junkie, but I can’t write enough great things about Google.

So let’s say… hypothetically of course… that you like reading about all of the following things:

  • Real Estate Market Statistics
  • The latest technology for your Blackberry
  • Social Networking Media Developments
  • Indie Rock Bands playing in Chicago
  • Great Grilling Recipes
  • Barack Obama
  • Matt Dollinger I mean whatever your social identity is.

Wanna know when there’s a GREAT article written, blog post, update or anything else on these topics? Try Google Reader and it’s delivered comprehensively to your email account daily, weekly or monthly FOR FREE. Easier than using Google Reader (and for different purposes), Google Alerts give you a simple way to monitor sports scores, the political campaign, your Social Identity, and research the competition.

Below are two videos that will show you EVERYTHING you need to know about setting up Google Alerts, Keywords, and delivery methods. Enjoy!

Matt Dollinger

Basic Using of Google Alerts

Using Google Alerts as Your Virtual Research Assistant



1. Teresa McDonald - June 24, 2008

Love your technology tips!

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