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Google Alerts – Managing your Identity, Favorites, and Your Competition June 23, 2008

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Ok… Maybe I’m a Junkie, but I can’t write enough great things about Google.

So let’s say… hypothetically of course… that you like reading about all of the following things:

  • Real Estate Market Statistics
  • The latest technology for your Blackberry
  • Social Networking Media Developments
  • Indie Rock Bands playing in Chicago
  • Great Grilling Recipes
  • Barack Obama
  • Matt Dollinger I mean whatever your social identity is.

Wanna know when there’s a GREAT article written, blog post, update or anything else on these topics? Try Google Reader and it’s delivered comprehensively to your email account daily, weekly or monthly FOR FREE. Easier than using Google Reader (and for different purposes), Google Alerts give you a simple way to monitor sports scores, the political campaign, your Social Identity, and research the competition.

Below are two videos that will show you EVERYTHING you need to know about setting up Google Alerts, Keywords, and delivery methods. Enjoy!

Matt Dollinger

Basic Using of Google Alerts

Using Google Alerts as Your Virtual Research Assistant


Google Reader Part 2: Recommended Industry and Technology Blogs May 30, 2008

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Since the Google Reader post got such good reviews, I thought that I would make it easy for you to get “plugged in” (or Turned On for you 1000Watt Readers) to some of what I feel to be the best blogs out there.

Where I believe that these represent many different types of elements that could be applied to the real estate industry and business 2.0 and as a whole, this is just a sampling of what’s truly out there.

Below is a list of blogs that I highly recommend. I have used some from the Inman Blog Network, some that I simply enjoy reading for ideas and insight, and have tried to categorize them for you. Also, I have included a short 30 second video at the end of this post on how to simply copy these URLs below and paste them into your Google Reader.

Technology – Blogs that focus on integrating the latest and greatest technology into the real estate business world.

Industry – The movers and the shakers of the real estate world are reported here, as well as a heft dose of opinion and heart.

Business 2.0 – These are the voices of the new business world. Who I look to for inspiration and insight.


Future of Real Estate Marketing


Geek Estate


Transparent Real Estate


My Tech Opinion


Tech Crunch





Agent Genius


1000Watt Blog




The Real Estate Tomato


Luxury Insights (The Institute for Luxury Home Marketing)


The Future of Real Estate Technology


*Business 2.0 Blogs*

1000Watt Blog


Seth Godin’s Blog


Tim Sander’s Blog


Malcolm Gladwell’s Blog


Fast Company’s Expert Blog


Good Luck and Happy Reading!

Matt Dollinger

Begin Your Blog Reading Behavior with Google Reader May 14, 2008

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Read any real estate magazine, talk to any coach, or read any literature, and they will most surely say the same thing… “GET BLOGGING!” 

Where I have recommended this to a number of the agents that I work with, my first recommendation is to take your time, find your voice, and read some to find out what differentiates a blog from a good blog.  But with all of the blogs out there, how do you find time to read and manage them?

Once again… Google to the rescue!  Google has released another fantastic (and FREE) gadget to help you simplify your life and introduce you to the wonderful world of blog reading. 

Google Reader allows you to stay up to date and organize your favorite blogs, as well as access your updates on line anywhere.  Best of all, it simplifies your reading experience by giving you updated headlines so you can click through instead of logging on to multiple sites.  Here’s how it works..


 An easy way to add blogs to your Reader Subscriptions it to visit a particular blog and to click on their SUBSCRIBE Button which is usually indicated by a variation of the RSS icon.  This icon is the standard for RSS Feeds (Really Simple Syndication)  When you click on this icon you will probably see a button like this     .  If you do, simply click this button and it will automatically be added to your Google Reader.

If this button is not available, the site should offer an option that reads VIEW FEED XML.  Click this button, and a new page will populate.  Copy the web address from the top of the new page

(SAMPLE:  http://feeds.feedburner.com/TechnologyForRealEstate?format=xml – THE FEED ADDRESS IS DENOTED BY THE END LETTERS XML),

Go to your Google Reader Page, Click on the icon in the middle of the left hand column that reads ADD SUBSCRIPTION, and PASTE the the XML address into the space.  That’s it!  You’ve now manually subscribed to a blog’s feed.

Some Samples of what I feel are GREAT Blog formats:







If you’re considering writing a blog… take some time.  Find your voice.  Consider what your clients would actually like to read and then give it to them.  Don’t think that this is simply a way to prospect or “capture” leads (ughh)… If you want to capture anything, capture their attention, capture their readership, and become their true provider of knowledge and insight. 

A post by an individual named Marc Davison (who encouraged me to find MY voice and speak with it) is noted here http://www.1000wattblog.com/2008/05/the-masked-ball.html  While you’re at it, subscribe to their blog, comment on a couple of their insightful posts, and tell them you’re searching for the “You Factor” of your voice.

Matt Dollinger


Performance Coach


Simplify your Schedule with Google Calendar Mobile! April 22, 2008

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Google Calendar Pic
So, the problem that we often encounter with using an online calendar or Outlook (sans-exchange) is that slow bluetooth sync or awkaward cables to be able to view your calendar on your mobile phone or PDA. That’s until now when life-simpling giant Google released their latest version of Google Calendar for Mobile.

Great Things Come from Google:
Here are the benefits of using the Google Calendar for you, your team, or your assistant

  1. It’s easy to use.  Simply create a google account by going to the Google Calendar Page here.
  2. Easy Quick Adding of events and synchronization with Outlook Calendar
  3. View by week, month, or day in the customized viewing section
  4. Invite others to view your calendar, set privacy settings, and set event reminders
  5. Create different calendars for things in your life.  (i.e. prospecting, showings, personal)
  6. Share your calendar with your team and allow them different levels of editing


Another great feature of Google Calendar is that it is not mobile supported for a variety of PDA’s and phones (including Blackberry) that are internet enabled.  This allows you to:

  1. Activate reminders on your phone via a wireless sync (no cables, no nothing)
  2. Update event information from your phone while you’re on-the-go
  3. Allow your administrator to change your calendar while you’re out
  4. Sync your Google Calendar with your Microsoft Outlook Calendar
  5. Have full access to your schedule without paying the money to upgrade to exchange

Use this for showings, personal life, kids’ soccer games, etc…  you can share the calendar with anyone that has a Gmail Account.  After setting up your account and calendar online (by visiting the Google Calendar Site) there are even ways to have it sync to your PDA’s default calendaring program! 

  • Blackberry Users — Go HERE — It’s FREE!
  • PALM Users — There’s a third Party Software you have to buy if you don’t want to login via the Internet  Go HERE
  • iPhone Users — There’s a third Party Software you have to buy if you don’t want to login via the internet Go HERE  (works with your Apple iCal as well)

Stop having to open your computer to find out what’s in your schedule.  Get connected today and (almost) never be late for another appointment.

– Matt



What’s the Google-411? April 15, 2008

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Google Mobile

This isn’t new by any stetch of the imagination, but I think it’s one of the most useful things that Google has put out for the layman in a long time.  Do away with 411 or Directory assistance (doesn’t it creep you out how their voices aren’t the same after “city and state please?”) and move over to Google-411.

Simple enough… from any phone with SMS (text messaging) capabilities, send a text to 466453 (‘GOOGLE’ on most devices… sorry smart phone users) with the name of a restaurant, business, sports team,  or weather to receive a text-back update you choose. 


Texting:  Sushi X Chicago  –> gets results –> (address, phone number)

Texting: Weather Chicago –> gets results –> (Full current weather report)

Texting: Score White Sox –> well you get the idea

This is actually smart enough to get stock quotes, movie listings, etc. and best of all it’s free (if you have text included on your phone plan.)  Read more about this by following this link to the Google Mobile site http://www.google.com/intl/en_us/mobile/sms/  Enjoy!